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"Success is a team sport" – Simon Sinek

About Us

517 Visuals is a built-environment media production company based in Lansing, Michigan (area code 517) founded by Amber & Adam Suiter. We specialize in architectural photography, videography, and headshots for the AEC industry and other professionals.

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Our Philosophy

1. Be likable. 2. Don’t just take photos, make them.

We love teaming up with architects and designers to create stunning visuals that not only capture a project’s purpose but also reflect its depth and character. We feel that our work is an extension of the design process, the final leg of a very long relay race.

Our mission: To ensure every image reflects the heart, soul, and purpose of your project and to be delightful to work with. 😃

Our Happy Clients

With over a decade in business, our work can be seen on the websites of hundreds of happy clients including SmithGroup, Owen-Ames-Kimball, Kingscott Associates, C2AE, the PEA Group, Progressive Companies, Wade Trim, The Christman Company, Granger Constructions, Pace Howe Design, The MSU Research Foundation, Michigan State University, Choose Lansing, The Gillespie Group, DTN Management, and Eyde Development, naming just a few.

- This is Us -

Amber Suiter


Since purchasing my first SLR in high school, photography has been a constant hobby for me. Starting a media production business has let me turn that hobby into a career. While Adam now takes the lead in sales and creating our visuals, I keep things running on set and behind the scenes. Even when I don’t have a camera in my hands, it's funny how often I catch myself framing a photo in my mind's eye. It’s like I’m always looking at life through a camera lens.

Adam Suiter

Co-Founder/Creative Lead

For years, I had jobs with a photography component to them, but I didn’t consider myself a "professional photographer" until 2012 when Amber started our photography business. At the time, I was working as a Creative Director for a tech company until she got us busy enough for me to quit my day job and join her full-time. Having spent more than two decades working in various creative jobs has helped me have an eye for design in my work. I also love anything techie and would be happy to nerd out about camera gear if you are inclined that way.

Lola Suiter

Office Pup/Couch Potato

Bark, woof, snore... That's about the extent of Lola's vocabulary, but we can tell you a little more about her. She is a Frenchton, which is 50% Boston Terrier, and 50% French Bulldog. But she is also 100% a princess. She knows exactly what she wants and is usually cute enough to get it. Her hobbies include sleeping, camping, short walks on the beach, and sniffing stuff. Her dislikes are other dogs who try to do dog things around her.

For image licensing info and downloads email info@517visuals.com