Everett High School

Everett High School

Architectural Visuals for c2ae at Everett High School 

Lansing, Michigan

LOCATIONS DETAILS: In a $120 million bond program, Everett High School was among many buildings in Lansing School District to see upgrades. Outside, a new courtyard leads into the performing arts center through a secure entry vestibule. c2ae‘s design blends existing architecture with new elements to add vibrancy. The canopy addition, for example, reinvents the building’s façade without dramatically altering its structure.

PHOTOGRAPHY DETAILS: This was a combination photo/video project. We worked with c2ae to capture ground and aerial visuals. Here is what they had to say about our work:

“Everything looks GREAT!! The photos and video are just so good… Thank you for your amazing work and collaboration. I look forward to our next project together 🙂 – Gretchen Foley, Marketing Coordinator, c2ae

It’s always a pleasure to take twilight photos. Not every project benefits from it, but when we want some special, we look for just the right lighting conditions. You never know what the weather is going to do, so we ended up making two trips to Everett to get what we needed. 

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