Lansing Community College

Lansing Community College

Architectural Photography and Videography for Wade Trim on the Campus of Lansing Community College

Lansing, Michigan

Lansing Community College Transforms Downtown Campus with Green Spaces, Art, and Accessibility Upgrades.

Lansing Community College has really stepped up its game to make the downtown campus look amazing and feel more like home. To fix the lack of a cohesive design, Wade Trim did a thorough urban design assessment, which led to some cool changes that have made the campus look more unified and green. They tackled Michigan’s tricky four-season weather by surveying deciduous and coniferous trees and rolling out a big tree planting program across the nine-block campus. 

LCC didn’t stop there; they’ve upgraded streetscapes, building entrances, plazas, and even added a pedestrian mall. These spots now have new lighting, hardscape improvements, lush landscaping, and better accessibility. On top of that, Wade Trim helped with an art installation program, bringing in pieces from local artists to add some unique flair to the campus. Over the past 7 years, Wade Trim’s planning and design efforts have turned Lansing Community College’s campus into a real gem in downtown Lansing. 

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