Mclaren Greater Lansing

Mclaren Greater Lansing

Drone Photography for C2AE at Mclaren Greater Lansing

Lansing, Michigan

LOCATIONS DETAILS: McLaren Health Care, one of Michigan’s premier healthcare providers, has opened the 52-acre McLaren Greater Lansing medical campus in collaboration with the nearby Michigan State University (MSU). As part of a large, multi-firm project team, C2AE led infrastructure improvements surrounding the campus. These efforts added a new roundabout at the intersection of Forest and Collins Roads, replaced the pavement on both roads, relocated communication duct banks, upgraded the water main and sewer capacity, and connected new non-motorized facilities to the Lansing trail network.

Working with multiple utility service providers, McLaren Health Care, the City of Lansing, MSU, and other stakeholders, C2AE coordinated the infrastructure improvements and developed cost-effective solutions for McLaren Greater Lansing. The $450 million campus creates new avenues for medical research at a hospital, cancer center, ambulatory care center, and the university. 

PHOTOGRAPHY DETAILS: We were given the creative liberty to pick the style of these images. One evening we could tell the sky was going to be something special, so we got our gear ready, traveled to the location, and we waited for the right moment to fly our drones. Golden hour is that magic moment right before the sun sets when the sky is aflame. It is the perfect moment to create some spectacular aerial photos. 

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