Michigan Realtors Headquarters

Michigan Realtors Headquarters

Architectural Photography for the Michigan Realtors HQ

Lansing, Michigan

LOCATION DETAILS: As one of Michigan’s top advocacy organizations, Michigan Realtors represents a base of over 30,000 members throughout the state. Responding to a desire to improve physical space and support brand momentum, the association partnered with Progressive AE to vision a future Headquarters facility that reflects their strong reputation and brand promise. Together they established an understanding of existing conditions, explored future possibilities, and aligned around a strategic direction for the new headquarters building.

PHOTOGRAPHY DETAILS: This was a 3-day project for Progressive AE who took the creative lead on this with us. We also had a cost-sharing arrangement with the construction company Pioneer Construction and Michigan Realtors, who benefited from these images.

Day 1 was scheduled to scout the location and plan areas where we were shooting. But it turned into such a nice sunset, that we couldn’t help but put our drones in the air and capture the sunset. These ended up being edited and added to the final deliverables. 

Day 2 was intended to be the only shooting day, but outside weather conditions weren’t cooperative, so we focused on the interior images and came back when conditions improved. On this day we had representatives from Michigan Realtors and Progressive AE on location with us to give creative direction, give logistical support, and stand in as models.

Day 3 was a few days later when the weather was finally better. It was a perfect evening in late Spring. We waited for the sun to dip low on the horizon so we could capture the building’s interior and exterior lights at the same time. This proved a challenge, as the interior lights were motion activated and on a timer. We had to run around the building waving our arms to activate all the lights and then run outside to get the images we needed. 

Originally we had been commissioned to deliver only 10 images for this project, but in the end, we delivered 26. Whenever that happens, we consider it high praise! 😊

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