Technology Innovation Center (TIC)

Technology Innovation Center (TIC)

Architectural Photography for the MSU Research Foundation at the TIC

East Lansing, Michigan

LOCATION DETAILS: Located in the heart of Michigan State University, the Technology Innovation Center (TIC) is a business incubator for technology startups in the Greater Lansing region. Founded in 2008 by the MSU Foundation, the TIC provides a collaborative workspace, programmatic support, and vital resources. Since then, a growing number of Lansing’s brightest and most forward-thinking entrepreneurial minds have converged here to share their ideas, learn from one another, and build exceptional companies and projects. The 7,000 square feet facility occupies 19 office spaces and 2 conference rooms.

PHOTOGRAPHY DETAILS: This was a 3-part project for the MSU Research Foundation. We captured images at various facilities that they manage. The goal was to create marketing assets the Foundation could use to help with occupancy rates of their rental spaces. We wanted to show people using the spaces, so models were used to make the spaces look lived in. This involved good planning, coaching, and staging of each scene. 

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