Tri County Elementary

Tri County Elementary

Architectural Photos for Kingscott and O.A.K at the Tri County Elementary School

Sand Lake, Michigan

LOCATIONS DETAILS: Tri County Area Schools broke ground on April 15, 2021, on their new K-5 elementary building, part of a $37 million bond, passed by voters in August 2019. The ribbon cutting took place on August 16, 2023. The new school centralizes the district, putting all students, Kindergarten-12th grade, on one campus, increasing efficiency while also improving safety and traffic flow.

PHOTOGRAPHY DETAILS: This was a collaborative project with Kingscott and Owen Ames Kimball. We worked with their marketing teams to capture ground and aerial visuals. Here is what the superintendent’s office said about the images:

“The pictures are wonderful! Makes me teary-eyed to see our beautiful facilities this way! We are so blessed here at Tri County Area Schools. Thanks for bringing out the very best in our new facilities to share on our website and in promotional materials!

– Sherilyn Wheeler, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent

It was a fun, but unique challenge working with the kids on this project. In post-production, we layered a number of images of the room with and without the kids. That way we could select from their best expressions.

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